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Welcome... Here you will find out about Lester's Karate-Do located in Skygusty West Virginia. We are so glad that you have shown an interest in our website and hope it will answer your questions about our Martial arts.

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Private instruction only.

Okinawan Kempo Jitsu is one of the few remaining traditional Okinawan martial art. As with all true martial arts you will learn the following.






  • E-mail us any questions not addressed in this website or you can call the school at 304-383-4936.


Instructor should treat there students with the rank they deserve. A beginner should be treated with the most attention, helping them learn the basic they need to begin training in Martial arts.

A Student must love the art or will not be able to give to the art what it needs to become a good martial artist. Students should always show respect to there fellow students and Sensei.

Now, have fun looking at our website and we hope to see you soon.

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