Lester's Karate-Do


Everyone has questions there first time not to mention excitement fear of the unknown and a lust for knowledge. Here is a list of common questions that may help you out your first class.


How much is it?

Do not worry about the price at first. I am just giving it out to show we have nothing to hide. Try us out for a few classes with no contracts to sign EVER. 

Classes are $35 a month with $5 less for every other immediate family member that is with you. ($35,$30,$30 ...etc)

Tests are - for beginner belts $25, Intermediate belts $30 and Advance belts $35 (This is over a pierod of 4 years) This pays for the belt and certificate.


You do not need to buy a uniform from us but it must be a black uniform for beginners. Most time, the instructors can get them for you for possibily a cheaper cost then you can get it. You do not need a uniform until you are ready for your first test (3-4 months)



Is there anything special I have to do to show up at my first class?

No, all you have to do is show up and ask for Sensei Lester or instructor at the time.


What should I wear?

Just a plain t-shirt and jogging pants. It is not a good idea to wear jeans or a dress, You should remove all jewelry because it may be damaged or caught on your person causing injury.


I have a child that wants to join how old does the child have to be?

Most children under the age of 6 have a difficult time with focus and motor skills for a 2 hour class and should wait until around age 7 before they can achieve the best maturity for the sport. This does not mean that they cannot start at a younger age if they can show proper maturity for a few classes.


I have previous experience in another style of martial arts do I need to start over as a white belt?

This depends on what type of martial arts you took Ryu-Kyu-Kempo is a traditional style that places strong emphasis on quality technique and knowledge of kata. There is usually something that can be done about wearing a higher rank belt that you have earned.

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