Lester's Karate-Do

This is a list of forms and papers used for our martial art instructors and Black belts. If you need anything else please get up with me and I will Put it up here.



P.S. I am working on the Karate Black belt written test. I am hoping it will be up in a year or so LOL. 

karate forms.pdf karate forms.pdf
Size : 0.151 Kb
Type : pdf

This is a list of forms used such as roster and waivers. 

OKJ.pdf OKJ.pdf
Size : 159.305 Kb
Type : pdf

This file is the most up to date way that I run the Lester's Karate- Do Org. It is always evolving because of learning experences so please check back often for the most up to date version. 

Little Drag.pdf Little Drag.pdf
Size : 0.038 Kb
Type : pdf

This is for the little dragons class.  It is a self contained file for Little Dragons only.

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